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Using the injectable medication Asclera®, our team can safely and effectively fade spider veins from view on both the face and legs.


Are spider veins or troublesome vascular lesions disrupting your complexion? It can be easy to let these common cosmetic concerns keep you from feeling comfortable with your skin. Our experts can help you achieve clearer, lustrous skin with cutting-edge vein removal!
Spider veins are among the most common forms of vascular lesions; nearly anyone can experience them. While the cause of them may not always be known, they can certainly be treated.

Using the injectable medication Asclera®, our team can safely and effectively fade spider veins from view on both the face and legs. As a result, the veins collapse and are processed by the body, fading them from view.

Benefits of Sclerotherapy

Achieve a healthier, lustrous, and smoother complexion
Fast and simple treatment
No downtime following your appointment
No anesthetic necessary
Non-invasive measures are taken

Sclerotherapy Vein & Lesion Removal FAQ

Am I a good candidate for vein removal?

A consultation with our team will help determine if a vein removal procedure is right for you and your goals. Our non-surgical vein removal treatments are performed as outpatient procedures in the comfort of our medical spa. To achieve and maintain results, multiple treatments may be required, but our team will work with you to develop the right treatment plan for you.

How successful is sclerotherapy for leg spider vein removal?

After several spider vein removal sclerotherapy sessions, most patients notice a 70-90% improvement in the appearance and symptoms. The full effect and benefit of treatment usually take several weeks. For this reason, many sclerotherapy specialists recommend waiting 3-6 weeks in between sclerotherapy treatments. Compared to surgical removal of veins, sclerotherapy costs less, requires no hospital stay and anesthesia, and allows a quicker return to work and normal activities.

What type of veins can be treated with sclerotherapy?

Other than leg spider veins, sclerotherapy can eliminate prominent hand and arm veins, chest spider and blue veins, and small veins in other parts of the body.

Is sclerotherapy painful?

In the hands of experienced vein doctors, the discomfort of a vein treatment injection sclerotherapy should be minimal. An occasional spot may be more sensitive than others, but generally, the procedure should be well tolerated for most patients. Even the needle-phobic ones. In fact, most patients are pleasantly surprised at how little discomfort occurs during the procedure. Of course, pain perception is somewhat subjective, but several factors may affect the level of discomfort during injections. These include:

- the skill of your doctor
- the patient’s overall pain sensitivity
- the type and caliber of the needle used
- the nature of the sclerotherapy solution (some solutions are more - painful than others)
- the inclusion of numbing medicine in the solution
- the sensitivity of the area injected (ankle, foot, shin area and the back of the knee)
- the use of topical numbing cream, especially for sensitive areas of the leg.

In addition, veins that usually ache before sclerotherapy tend to be generally more sensitive to injections than the ones that do not.