laser hair removal
scarborough, ME

Laser Hair Removal offers the convenience of smooth skin that’s always ready to go. It eliminates problems like razor burn and painful waxing, and provides an ideal solution to those with excessive body hair.

Laser Hair Removal

Hair removal is the most popular light-based aesthetic procedure in the world. For every unwanted hair, light or dark, we have a solution.

About 20% of body hair is in the anagen (active growth) stage at any given time. During the hair removal treatment, the hair follicles that are in the anagen stage will be destroyed. The hair growth cycle is every 6-8 weeks. We suggest that our clients schedule treatments 6-8 weeks apart to achieve the best permanent hair reduction results. It will take 6-8 treatments (on average) for permanent hair removal.

Using the Harmony XL Pro AFT handpiece, we can deliver fast, effective results for permanent hair reduction on all skin types. This SHR handpiece now has contact cooling and uses IN-Motion™ technology for virtually painless procedures with no downtime. To perform light-based hair removal, a large rectangular window emitting broad-spectrum light is applied to the surface of the skin. (Pricing determined during consultation.)

Depending on the treatment area, a session of laser hair removal can take as little as a few minutes, and up to an hour or more. After each session, the hair in the treated area will appear finer and lighter.

Hair Removal For Men


To shave, laser or trim the pubic hair is a matter of personal taste, if it feels right then go ahead and do it. You can manage hair growth by trimming and shaving, but why not a more permanent solution like laser? Go with our Harmony XL Pro laser for a pain-free, hair-free, care-free hair removal solution.

Alma Inc.’s Lasers, Harmony XL Pro

Virtually Painless: Hair Removal for All Skin Types

Although there are several methods to eliminate unwanted hair nowadays, Harmony’s SHR (Super Hair Removal) offers an effortless and effective method to achieve even better results. The product incorporates Alma Inc.’s groundbreaking one-stop technology to make the process simple and extremely effective.

How it Works

SHR offers a unique gradual-heating method that damages hair follicles effectively while avoiding inflicting any injuries on the surrounding skin. It also incorporates In-Motion™ delivery technique, which helps ensure full coverage by keeping the laser in constant motion. Meanwhile, burns are prevented by simultaneous contact cooling, which also allows for more comfortable treatment. A specialized applicator can be used for the treatment of larger surface areas to reduce time.

The handpiece applicator is effective for treating larger surface areas of the body quickly. It can be kept in constant motion for complete coverage. LHR hair removal treatment can be used on the face since it is safer for sensitive skin areas. For instance, you can eliminate unwanted hair from your  upper lip, and in-between your eyebrows forever!

Treatment with Harmony is effective, whether or not you have coarse or fine hair, tanned, dark, or light skin. The product is optimized to achieve safe and complete hair removal for all areas of the body. The process is also virtually painless. By targeting areas directly under the hair surface, your skin is left completely untouched and intact with virtually no symptoms.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

  • No more ingrown hair
  • No scars, no painful side effects
  • Laser hair removal will leave you with softer, smoother skin
  • With laser, you can shave between sessions and access hard-to-reach areas
  • Get long-lasting results


Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

Laser hair removal is an effective treatment for long-lasting improvements. While you can enjoy the benefits of the procedure for many years, laser hair removal is considered semi-permanent since some follicles may continue growing. Regardless, patients find the majority of the hair follicles are dormant once their treatment plan is finished, and even if some hairs are still growing, it is easier to deal with. Additional laser hair removal sessions may also be scheduled to take care of any stragglers or new growth.

Why do I Need Multiple Sessions?

Follicles grow in cycles. When some hair follicles are in a live growing phase, other follicles are dormant. Because every follicle grows in various stages, several sessions are usually needed to target each hair follicle when it's active. Spreading out your treatments over a few weeks helps you get better, smoother results.

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

Laser hair removal may cause mild discomfort, but it is not a painful procedure. Most patients will feel a slight sting when the Harmony XL PRO handpiece zaps the follicle. We can use a numbing ointment on your skin prior to the treatment session. Patients who are used to getting waxed think that laser hair removal feels more comfortable compared to a normal waxing session.

Can Dark Skins be Treated?

Yes! Our laser hair removal device can be used on all skin types

How Long Does it Take to Eliminate Hair?

You may notice a reduction after the first or second treatment. However, it is recommended to do a series of 6- 8 treatments in each area for maximum results. As treatments are spread 8 weeks apart, it can take about a year to achieve maximum results.

Will My Hair Fall Out?

No. You will shave roughly 24 hours before your appointment and the laser will target the hair follicles and zap them so that no new hair grows out of the follicle.

Can it Treat Blonde or Grey Hair?

Unfortunately, there are no lasers that can get rid of white, gray or blonde hair.

Can I Shave Between Laser Sessions?

Yes. Careful shaving is allowed between laser sessions. However, after your first laser hair removal, you will notice that there’ll be no need for shaving as often as before. After the following 2 – 3 sessions, you may only require shaving once in two months.

What Hurts More, Laser or Brazilian Wax?

Laser hair removal might be more painful along the bikini line. It might feel quite similar to waxing, although laser might take a little more time. However, it provides better long-term results compared to other methods.