dye vl
Scarborough, ME

Dye VL is the “Gold Standard”in anti-aging, discoloration, rosacea, port-wine stain, and sun damage.

dye vl

Alma Lasers Harmony XL Pro Dye-VL laser incorporates a combo of IPL and dye laser technologies. Dye VL is the “Gold Standard”in anti-aging, discoloration, rosacea, port-wine stain, and sun damage. The laser also incorporates Alma’s proprietary In-Motion™ protocol to ensure maximum patient comfort while minimizing any risks of unwanted side effects.

At The Allure Med Spa,  Harmony XL Pro is used for a variety of laser treatments. The system offers multiple applications suitable for the treatment of various skin conditions. Dye-VL, one of the brand’s more popular modules, is effective, especially for treating pigmented lesions.

The Dye-VL is highly customizable, safe, and incredibly effective. It features an advanced IPL (Intense Pulse Light) working mechanism that functions using a narrow band of pulsating light. In addition, the Broad Base Light offers incredible precision during treatment. This way, we can treat the exact spots where a blood vessel or lesions causes an irregular skin tone without causing any damage to the rest of the skin.

Dye-VL offers treatment by penetrating the skin’s pigment or melanin to reduce darker skin patches. In addition, the technology also utilizes In-Motion™ protocol to enhance all-round comfort for the entire duration of the treatment. As a result, the laser’s heat is applied more gradually, compared to other treatment options. This way, patients don’t only receive the desired effect but can also get it in a much more comfortable manner.

dye vl FAQ's

What Dye-VL Be Used For?

Dye-VL is intended for vascular lesions and pigment reduction. Several types of vascular lesions or birthmarks as well as pigment are treatable using Dye-VL, including:

· Port wine stains (a deep red or maroon mark on the skin)

· Rosacea (Persistent redness, resulting in a flushed appearance)

· Hemangioma (also called a “strawberry mark”)

· Sun spots

· Liver spots

Is Dye-VL the Right Treatment for Me?

Dye-VL is an effective treatment for the removal of vascular lesions. However, some experts advise the patients to seek alternative treatments. The primary reason is that the client should not expose the treated area to the sun for no less than a month. Hence, the client may need to wait for a while before booking a Dye-VL appointment as dictated by the lifestyle or time of the year.Furthermore, certain medical conditions are contraindicated for Dye-VL treatment such as epilepsy, vitiligo, or an infectious illness. Similarly, pregnant women and lactating mothers are advised not to have this treatment. People who take medications with side effects related to photosensitivity should also abstain from Dye-VL.You can book a session with us if you feel Dye-VL treatment aligns with your skin goals. We have expert clinicians who are ready to provide prompt responses to any of your questions. Also, they will help you decipher the most suitable treatment for your skin condition.

How Many Treatments do I Need?

Typically a series of 3 Dye-VL treatments are needed for optimal results.

Does Dye VL Treat Melasma?

No. Melasma is triggered by heat. Dye VL and IPL use heat when targeting the abnormailities.